Bachelor of Arts - Acting / Drama School

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Information on the program

Program objectives

The acting program aims to advance your personal artistic development by providing a broad-ranged acting craft covering all aspects of drama.

It is our objective to ensure that you develop an independent artistic personality who is aware of themselves and of their craft, but who is also inspired and grows through challenges. On completion of the you will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree and be qualified to work as an actor/actress in theatres, movies and on TV.  

Program content

Courses in group and/or individual classes: Speaking (vocal training, speech training, exercises for working with a microphone, musical basics and singing); theatrical body work (body training, dance, Tai-Chi, acrobatics, stage fighting); scenic studies (improvisation, neutral mask, part, ensemble play, acting in front of a camera, audition training); theory of theater, dramaturgy (lectures, seminars, exercises on aesthetic education, stage rights and contract law).

Staging and productions: With the start of your 3. academic year, you will participate in at least one production at the Wilhelma Theater – an independent, professional theater that is part of the University. The production will be overseen by an external director (not from our teaching staff). Under professional conditions, you will become familiar with any rehearsal and work processes necessary to a staging – from the set design model to reading rehearsal and finally to the premiere – and also gain experience of how a theatre operates. You will experience acting in an ensemble and will perform in front of a non-university audience. In at least 10 public performances you will have the opportunity to experience a production under normal circumstances.

With the start of the 4. academic year, students usually take part in co-productions with one of the renowned theaters in Baden-Wurttemberg (e.g. Staatstheater Stuttgart).

In the 4. academic year graduates start work  - as part of the Schauspielstudio Stuttgart – in one of the four cooperating theaters, where they will be hired as “non-regular ensemble members”.

Only 8 students can be admitted to the program, if possible 4 women and 4 men.


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